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On this page you will find all air guns from SEM Hunting and Shooting Sports such as PCP air rifles, break barrel rifles, air pistols and much more. Also take a look at our extensive range of airgun ammunition, shooting targets and accessories.
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Air guns at SEM Hunting & Shootingsports

In the Netherlands, everyone from the age of 18 can buy an air gun and there is no limit to the power of the air gun. There is, however, legislation on air guns. It is mandatory to show or send a legal form of identification by e-mail. Air guns may therefore also be sold online. If you are buying an air rifle for the first time, it is good to know what you want to do with it. Do you want to shoot competitions at a shooting club, do you want to shoot targets in the garden, or do you want an air rifle that allows you to shoot very accurately at 100 meters? There are many possibilities with air pressure weapons.

Different type of air guns

In the sports shooting world, we distinguish two types of air guns: air rifles and air pistols. These types also include different models, such as PCP rifles, break barrel rifles, PCP pistols, CO2 pistols and break barrel pistols. Discover the different air guns below.

Air guns

Let's start with a handy air gun like the air pistol. These air pistols are available in a break barrel version where the air pressure weapon is cocked again and again to be able to fire the next shot. These rifles are suitable for short distances up to 10 meters and are often also used indoors, models such as the Gamo P900 are certainly suitable for this. Air pistols are also available with a Co2 cartridge or a compressed air (PCP) cylinder, with or without a magazine, so that you do not have to load a new bullet every time.

Co2 and compressed air pistols in particular can be a lot more powerful than break barrel pistols, this power is indicated in Joules, an air pistol up to 7.5 joules can still be used indoors, always use shooting glasses when shooting.


Just like air pistols, there are also airrifles. These airrifles are also designed just like the pistols in a break barrel model, or in Co2 and Compressed Air (PCP). With airrifles, the Co2 models are the least powerful, the force varies from 7.5 to 16 Joules. The break barrel airrifles are available from 7.5 Joule to 50 Joule, whereby if the air rifle has more power it is also more difficult to break the barrel, this is because the spring or gas ram that gives the rifle its power must be more powerful to to release more energy.

If you want a very powerful air rifle, there is a wide choice of compressed air rifles. These air guns are equipped with a cylinder that is under high pressure, with every shot some of that pressure is released that pushes the projectile through the barrel at lightning speed. Pre compressed air rifles are also called PCP rifles and are available from 15 to more than 100 Joules, such as the Airforce Texan models. There are also automatic and semi-automatic compressed air rifles equipped with a magazine. The Hatsan Blitz and the Hatsan Galatian are examples of these models.

Buy a air gun?

Do you want to buy an air gun? At SEM Jacht en Schietsport we have extensive experience in the field of air pressure weapons, with our own workshop we can carry out many repairs and adjustments to air pressure weapons. Whether you are looking for a spring for a Weihrauch HW35 or want to mount a rifle scope on a Hatsan BT65, we have it all. Would you like good advice when purchasing an air gun? Call our store or visit our showroom in Bornerbroek.

Used air guns

Are you looking for a second-hand air gun? SEM Schietsport has a diverse range of used air guns. Discover the second-hand air rifles and order easily online. Once again, you can easily contact us and we will provide you with the best tailor-made advice.

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