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On this page you will find all air rifles from SEM Jacht & Schietsport. We have put together a wide range of air rifles for you, from break barrel air rifles, CO2 air rifles, underlever air rifles to very powerful PCP air rifles.
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Help with your choice of an air rifle

Choosing an air rifle is not always easy. There are several types, specifications and options that you should take into account when purchasing an air rifle. You can think of the type of air rifle such as a PCP rifle, break barrel rifle with a spring, break barrel air rifles with a gas ram system and air rifles with a break barrel. The most important thing is that you choose an air rifle that meets your personal needs. On this page we help you to make the right choice!

Which air rifle is right for me?

The choice for an air rifle mainly depends on what you want to use the air rifle for. Whether you want to shoot at shooting targets or shooting cards, or do pest control, there is a suitable air rifle for every situation. Read exactly which air rifle you should buy.

How does a air rifle work?

In an air rifle, the bullet is pushed out through the barrel by compressed gas or air. There are air guns where the air pressure is built up in advance in a cylinder and air guns where the compression is built up after pulling the trigger. Air rifles come in many different shapes and sizes, on this page we explain the most important techniques used for modern air guns. Read all about the different air rifle techniques.

Is an air rifle legal?

We regularly receive questions from customers whether it is legal to purchase and own an air rifle. In the Netherlands it is allowed to purchase an air rifle for anyone who is 18 years or older, so when ordering a air rifle we always ask for a copy of your ID.

Air rifle brands at SEM Hunting & Sportshooting

At SEM Hunting & Sportshooting we have a wide range of air rifles. Discover the air rifles of brands such as AirForce, FX-Airguns, Diana, Gamo, Hatsan and Weihrauch

Which air rifle calibers are there?

Air rifles and air rifles come in many different shapes and sizes, the most common calibers being: 4.5mm/.177, 5.5mm/.22, 6.35mm/.25, 7.62mm/.30, 9mm / .35  in addition, large calibers such as 11.4mm / .45, 12.7mm / .50 are becoming increasingly popular for wind rifles.

Buy air rifle?

If you want to buy an air rifle, simply order it online at SEM Hunting & Sportshooting. If you are not sure which air rifle to buy or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or visit us in the store and we will provide you with the best advice. This way you always make the right choice when buying a air rifle.

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