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Cleaning and lubrication

To keep an air rifle or firearm working properly, it is important that regular maintenance is carried out. With a firearm this can be different than with an air rifle.

A firearm often gets dirty due to gunpowder fumes, unburned gunpowder residue and filth from the outside. Many firearm failures are caused by poor maintenance. To properly maintain a pistol, revolver or rifle, you also need the right cleaning agents and oils.

After shooting

After firing the weapon you will have to remove the gunpowder and lead residues, you can do this by applying a solvent so that you can easily remove the gunpowder and lead residues. Ballistol Gunex and Brunox Gun Care Spray are agents that dissolve the powder and lead residues so that you can easily remove them.

After the weapon is free of the residues, the weapon must be made grease-free, for this Brunox Gun Care Spray, Ballistol Kaltentfetter and Abbey Gun Degreasing Spray and Ballistol Robla Solo Mil are good products to achive this, these remove all last traces of oil, grease and dust.

Oil and grease

To make the weapon ready for use again, you will have to provide the weapon with grease and oil again, moving parts such as a slide, bolt or valve will have to be provided with a thin layer of oil, thin because too much oil can also cause malfunctions and also retain dust and debris. You can apply a little grease on contact surfaces such as a hammer or a sear.

Good oils include Ballistol Gunex and Guncer, Brunux Lub & Cor and Abbey Gun & Rifle Oil. Good greases are Abbey Gun Grease LT2 and Ballistol Guncer Ceramic Gun Grease.

Just before firing, it is whise to pull a cleaning cord such as Niebling's Bore Blitz through the weapon to remove the last traces of oil. If you do not use the weapon for a long time, it is smart to oil and grease the weapon a bit thicker so that no rust develops in the meantime. Brunox Lub & Cor is very suitable for this.

If you have any questions about how to best maintain your firearm or air rifle, visit SEM Jacht en Schietsport in Bornerbroek or call 074-7501340.

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