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Buy a mount for a rifle scope? SEM Hunting and Sport Shooting has a wide range of mounts in stock.
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Mount for a rifle scope?

SEM Jacht & Schietsport has a wide range of mounts. Whether you have an entry-level air rifle that you need a mount for or if you are looking for a detachable mount, we have it all.

When purchasing a mount of a rifle scope, a number of dimensions are important. For example, each rifle scope has a certain cross-section at the place where you attach it to the rifle scope mount.

Rifle scope diameter

Common sizes are 1 inch (2.54 cm), 30mm. and 34mm. there are rifle scopes with sizes that deviate from this, we see this especially with rifle scopes that are used for long-range shooting, for this we can also supply special mounts.

When you have found the right cross section diameter, it is important to know how the mounts can be attached to the weapon. Many air rifles and small caliber rifles have an 11mm dovetail rail.

Dovetail 11 mm

You will therefore have to look for a mounting that is suitable for 11mm dovetail.

Weaver & Picatinny

Weaver and Picatinny rails are often used on heavier PCP air rifles and on weapons such as an AR15. Also long-range weapons are often equipped with one of these rails. Of course there are also mounts for rifle scopes that can be placed on these rails. In our range you will therefore find a wide range of Picatinny and Weaver mountings for rifle scopes.

CZ 457 MDT
CZ 457 with picatinny rail

After you have found the correct connection to the weapon, it is also important that the mounting for the rifle scope is high enough.


The objective of the rifle scope is located at the front of the scope, this is the widest part of the scope. For example, if you have a 4x32 rifle scope, this means that the magnification is 4x and the objective, the lens at the front is 32mm. The lens is of course fixed in the housing of the scope, so that the scope has a diameter of, for example, 35 mm.

Why is this important to know? This is important because the rifle scope objective must not touch the barrel or stock of the weapon.

In this picture the scope just misses the barrel.

Therefore, choose the correct height for the scope that you want to place on the weapon. It is also important that you do not always choose the lowest or highest mount for your rifle scope, it is also important that you still have to be able to look through the scope properly. With a drivenhunting scope with, for example, a 30 mm objective, you do not want the mounting to be too low so that you do not have to press your cheek deep into the stock to be able to look properly through the rifle scope.

Diameter, rail and height of the mounting

Once you have determined the diameter, rail type and height of the mounting, you can choose whether you want the mount to be permanently mounted so that the rifle scope is not removed from the weapon, or a removable mount where the rifle scope must be able to be removed.

SEM Schietsport supplies permanent mounts of the brands Hawke, Sportsmatch, Rusan and Leupold. And removable mounts from Dentler, Rusan, Leupold and Innomount. But we also have brands such as EAW, Hexalock, Spuhr, UTG and Tier-One in the delivery program.

Installing yourself?

Do you want to install the mountyourself or would you rather outsource it to us? In our professional workshop we have all the tools and materials to professionally install any mount.

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