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Diana air rifles are a worldwide concept and available in many different versions.
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Diana Diana 48 4,5mm
DianaDiana 48 4,5mm
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DianaDiana 34 EMS
Diana Diana Chaser Pistol
DianaDiana Chaser Pistol

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Want to buy Diana Airgun?

Diana has been a household name among many shooters around the world for over 130 years, the company was founded in 1890 and has made over 10 million air rifles since then! Diana air rifles come in many different shapes and sizes, from PCP air rifles to a Diana 48 sidelever air rifle.

Diana is one of the few air rifle manufacturers that still makes a number of sidelever air rifles, including the Diana 48 and the Diana 54. These sidelever air rifles have the advantage that the barrel is always in the same position and therefore does not bend during cocking, this is due to the accuracy significantly for the better. Another advantage of these sidelever air rifles from Diana is that they do not have to be lifted up during tensioning, a Bipod can also be easily mounted because the barrel is not in the way.

If you're more of a fan of underlaver air rifles, then the Diana 460 Magnum is also a very nice air rifle that is very accurate. The 460 Magnum has a power of no less than 27 Joules, and still shoots quite smoothly through its long stroke cylinder.

Diana Break Barrel Air Rifle

Diana has a wide range of break barrels in different designs. One of the most famous rifles is the Diana 34. The Diana 34 has been made for years in various stock versions, traditional wood or a modern synthetic thumbhole stock.

Are you looking for an entry-level Diana air rifle or a junior rifle, the Diana Eleven is a good option, this rifle is easy to cock and has a power of 7.5 Joules. If you are looking for a Junior air rifle with a wooden stock, the Diana Two-Forty is definitely recommended.

Of course Diana also has powerful break barrels. The Diana Two-Fifty and Two Sixty are both powerful Diana air rifles with a power of 24 Joule. Both of these air rifles come with a nice thumbhole stock that fits well in the hand while shooting.

Diana 350 Magnum

The Diana 350 Panther and the 350 Premium are both Magnum air rifles with a power of up to 32 joules. These powerhouses are therefore Diana's most powerful break barrel air rifles. The Panther comes in a sturdy black synthetic stock and the Premium in a beautifully finished wooden stock. Both air rifles are equipped with a diopter front sight tunnel and a finely adjustable rear sight.

Diana also has a number of air pistols in its range, for example, with the Diana P-Five, they have a very nice entry-level air pistol for a suitable price. If you are looking for an air pistol with just a little more power, the Diana LP 8 Magnum is a good choice, it can also be equipped with a red dot or a rifle scope suitable for air pistols

Diana Oktoberfestgewehr

Everyone knows the term fairground rifle, Diana has 2 of these models in the program, the Diana Oktoberfestgewehr and the Diana 30 Neo. Characteristic of these 2 rifles is that they are equipped with a bolt action system, which you will find on fairground rifles. But that's not the only thing, these rifles also shoot the same 4.4mm round bullets. What is different than with a standard fairground rifle are the magazines. These two Diana rifles have an internal magazine of 100 bullets for the Oktoberfestgewehr version and 120 bullets for the Diana 30 Neo.

Diana PCP and CO2

Are you looking for an affordable PCP or CO2 air rifle then Diana has a number of nice models, the Diana Stormrider is one of the most affordable PCP air rifles on the market and are available in 4.5 and 5.5 mm, the Diana Bandit is in basically a scaled down version of the Stormrider in a pistol stock and with a shortened barrel. Of course, the CO2 air rifles should not be missing either, so you can choose a Diana Trailscout or a CO2 air pistol, the Diana Airbug and Chaser. This Diana Chaser also comes in a Rifle set with a long barrel and extended, removable pistol stock.

Are you really looking for a Premium PCP air rifle from Diana, then the Diana XR2000 has recently been launched. This air rifle with a totally new design and completely made in Germany is a PCP air rifle from Diana's Performance Line. Suitable for left and right-handed shooters, a pressure gauge that is easy to read at the front of the barrel, a competition trigger that is adjustable, and equipped with a regulator are some of the many innovations that have been applied in this PCP air rifle.

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