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Airrifles with a underlever system

Air rifles with an underlever system are often slightly more accurate than the classic break barrel air rifles because the barrel always remains in the same position.
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Why buy an under lever air rifle?

Most air rifles for sale tension the spring that is needed to make a projectile fly out of the barrel by breaking the barrel, which is why we often call them break barrel rifles.

These break barrel rifles have the disadvantage that the barrel from which the pellet is fired always has to be moved out of position. Because a lot of force is put on the barrel, the steel also springs slightly from its original direction. The barrel must teh be brought back back into the closed position, which does not always happen perfectly.

Advantage of a under lever air rifle

With an underlever air rifle, the rifle is tensioned by a lever on the underside of the air rifle.

Weihrauch HW 97 Onderspanluchtbuks

Weihrauch HW97 with under lever system

The big advantage of cocking an air rifle in this way is that the barrel is always in the exact same position, shot after shot. The barrel is not bent and that improves accuracy.

Why an underlever air rifle?

The accuracy of a good quality under lever air rifle cannot be matched with a break barrel rifle. Price is also an important factor. The price of a good quality break barrel rifle such as a Weihrauch HW97 or a Diana 460 is somewhere between €475 and €750.

For example, if you buy a compressed air rifle PCP in the same quality, you will soon spend € 1000 or more, do not forget that with a PCP air rifle you also need a bottle and a reducing valve.

If you are looking for a good quality undercarriage air rifle, take a look at the Weihrauch HW57, HW77 or HW 97, but the Diana 460 Magnum is also a very accurate under lever airgun.

If you want more information about under lever air rifles, please contact us, send an e-mail or call, of course you are also welcome in our store in Bornerbroek where we have many air rifles in stock.


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