PARD DS35-50R nightvision scope

Product description

PARD DS35 | 50mm lens | 850nm or 940nm version

The PARD DS35 is a night vision rifle scope that can be used both during the day and at night, from now on it is no longer necessary to purchase both an optical rifle scope and night vision. The Pard DS35 combines both worlds in one. The traditional rifle scope design with a 30mm tube ensures that it is hardly distinguishable from an optical rifle scope, the night vision scope has various settings for setting up a personalized reticle and up to five profiles for use on different rifles.

Due to the eye-relief of 100mm it is also possible to use rifles with heavier calibers in combination with the PARD DS35. The standard infrared lamp has a enough power to be used up to 350 meters, the lamp is adjustable in three levels.

This night vision scope is ideal to use for pest control, both on a firearm or on a PCP air rifle.

Menu structure

The night vision scope has a clear menu structure that can be operated via the large push and turn button on top of the night vision scope. The menu allows you to operate the ballistics calculator, change the reticle and set things like default magnification and color usage.

Focusing the image is done with a large rotary knob with a lever on the front of the Pard, which can also be operated with a glove on colder days.

Display and sensor quality of the DS35 night vision

The Pard DS35 features an 800 x 800 pixel display on the back of the night vision scope and a 2560 x 1440 image sensor on the front of the scope, which ensures that the Pard DS35 delivers excellent image quality in any type of weather.

We have been able to test the image quality ourselves and it is excellent. To ensure that the scope can also be used in strong sunlight, Pard has ensured that the lens hood can be used as a sunshade when closed.

Digital and optical zoom

This model of the DS35 features a 50mm objective lens with an optical zoom of 4 times and a continuous digital zoom of up to 16 times. The 50mm thus offers a good zoom range with a wide field of view. If you want to be able to zoom in further and a wide field of view is less than important, the 70mm version of the DS35 is a better choice. The 70mm lens is especially suitable for hunters who want to be able to hunt at longer distances.

WiFi en Pard App

By connecting the PARD to a mobile device, it is possible to watch live on a mobile phone or tablet. Recordings can also be started from the app and individual photos can be taken. In addition, it is possible to review images made on the PARD via the app. Of course it is also possible to make recordings and photos via physical buttons on the Pard.

The PARD has a built-in recoil function that ensures that the images are automatically captured when a shot is fired, the time before the shot is also recorded.

The PARD DS35 can be connected to a smartphone via the PARDVISION app that can be downloaded from the APP store of Apple or Android. The manual clearly explains how to follow this process.

Ballistic calculator

The ballistics calculator makes it possible to create up to 5 different ammunition profiles in the Pard DS35.

Functions DS35

The DS35 has 6 different types of reticles with 4 color options, furthermore the DS35 supports 5 profiles for 5 rifles and air rifles. IP67 waterproof, rechargeable battery and self activated recording. The Pard itself records the moment a recoil is registered. This version of the DS35 is standard equipped with an 850nm IR lamp.


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