FX Impact M3 Sniper Black

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FX Impact M3 Sniper Black

The Sniper edition of the FX Impact M3 series distinguishes itself with an extra long barrel and larger air cylinder. This makes the Sniper edition very suitable for long range shooting, in the 9mm version the Sniper has an 800mm long barrel, the other calibers have a 700mm barrel. The air cylinder has a capacity of 580cc.

The FX Impact M3 Sniper Black is one of the newest PCP rifles from FX Airguns, its predecessor the Impact MKII was also one of the best rifles from FX and it was quite a task for FX to improve this rifle even further.

Compared to the MKII, this new rifle has a number of innovations that visibly give much better results. The Impact M3 Sniper Black includes an extra regulator, a larger power plenum and a new system that regulates the tension of the hammer spring.

Power Plenum

The Power Plenum is the reservoir that contains an amount of air that is released when the trigger is pulled. The Power Plenum in the Impact M3 has a capacity of 72cc and enough air to be able to shoot even the heavier slugs and pellets at a high speed.

Macro and Micro setting

The FX Impact M3 Sniper Black has an adjustable hammer spring, where the hammer spring pressure is coarsely and finely adjustable.

This Quick Tune system works by means of a wheel that is adjustable in 16 positions, this is the macro wheel and provides the coarse setting. The micro setting is adjusted by a smaller wheel and thus a super fine adjustment of the speed of the pellet is possible.

Both wheels clearly show which position they are in, so that you can use the correct setting for different types of slugs and pellets.

2 Regulators

The FX Impact M3 has 2 regulators, and 2 pressure gauges. The front regulator ensures that the pressure decreases to an acceptable pressure so that the pressure system does not endure too much internally, there is a 2nd regulator with which you can fine-tune the pressure. This system ensures that there are no large mutual pressure differences and therefore the same amount of pressure is always available.

Because the system of 2 regulators is used and the first regulator regulates the cylinder pressure, a reservoir of 300 bar can be mounted.

On the front of the PCP rifle at the connection of the carbon bottle is a power knob, which controls the amount of air that is let through the valve to the barrel during the shot. Left-handed shooters have also been thought of, the loading lever that ensures that the hammer is cocked and a pellet or slug is loaded is movable from left to right.

The powerknob that airflow trough the valve

Adjustable trigger

The trigger system of the Impact M3 is fully adjustable. The 1st stage and the 2nd stage are adjustable, but also the position of the trigger itself. The trigger is mounted on a shaft so that the trigger can be positioned to the left or right and also in the height of the shaft. To top it off, FX has chosen to also make the trigger adjustable fore and aft over a mini dovetail rail, which also allows the distance from finger to trigger to be optimized for every shooter.

The fully adjustable trigger

Barrel system

The FX Impact M3 comes standard with a Smooth Twist X barrel with a double transfer port, the transfer port is the hole in the barrel through which the air that pushes the pellet or slug comes through the barrel. The barrel has 2 holes, one marked "P" this is most suitable for pellets, if you turn the barrel 180 degrees you will see an indication "S" this is the transfer port for slugs and heavier pellets.

The Weaver/Picatinny rail on the top of the Impact M3 has a slope of 20 MOA, so that a mounted rifle scope has enough adjustment height even at a long distance. Weaver/Picatinny rails are also placed on the left and right above the pressure gauges and below in front of the trigger guard for mounting additional accessories.

FX has a wide range of interchangeable barrels in different calibers, lengths and suitable for different types of ammunition, as well as barrels with different pitches so you can find the best barrel for your favorite ammunition.

Each Impact M3 is delivered including 1 magazine, a case, filling nipple and manual.

Product specifications

FX Airguns
Energy (joule)
5.5 mm 60/ 6.35 mm 85 / 7.62 mm 130


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